Theinformation and research portal «Human potential of Russia» isfocused onrepresentation enough broad audience of the materials incorporated byan actual research and practice theme: the human potential makes thebasic riches of Russia, and its revealing, ordering, the description,judgement are necessary as with a view of management of social andcultural development of the country, and for promotion of a positiveimage of Russia in external relations at intergovernmental andnongovernmental levels. In the project the sight at human potential,in which basis - judgement of a cultural originality andopportunities of human development in Russia is realized. Suchpotential is realized without its loss: there is a cumulativeaccumulation of its qualitative characteristics as the publicproperty transmitted to new generations. In structure of a portalnine basic thematic blocks are allocated:(1)Human potential: concepts(texts of theoretical works about human potential and complexresearches of the person). (2)Opportunities of the person(theoretical approaches to revealing potential opportunities of theperson, fixing of levels of intellectual and other opportunities, andalso the facts about variety of opportunities of the person). (3)the Educated person in Russia XXI centuries(the contents of education, discussion about value of education ashuman potential, opportunity to receive worthy education in Russia).(4)Person in a history of Russia(feature of the Russian mentality, famous pages of the Russianhistory). (5)HDI,indexes, statistics(the contents and application of the Human Development Index, andalso the data of statistics on a social status of people in Russia).(6)Social and cultural projects(the projects accepted and born for discussion in social and culturalsphere at different levels of management). (7)Connection of generations(mutual relation of generations in the Russian society, the data ofresearches on position of various age groups, their estimations ofreforms in the Russian society). (8)Russia and the world: dialogue of cultures(the international contacts of Russians, mutual estimations ofpeople, the organizations, the countries from positions of dialogueof cultures). (9)Humanitarian examination(the concept of humanitarian examination, discussion about itsprobable contents and forms of the organization in Russia and theworld). Other sectionscontain the information essential to users of the project (the dataon personnels of researchers, the scientific institutes developingproblems of the person, etc.). In a portal are placed more than 500materials on its subjects.




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